Maeve is a contemporary British Artist from West London. She originally studied a degree in Fine Art and then studied Theatre Costume, where she learnt the history of Fashion and how to design, cut and construct costumes. Maeve started her career, working in West End Theatres. Her first job as a Dresser on ‘Guys and Dolls,’ staring Patrick Swayze and then working back stage at London Fashion Week and on concerts for Madonna and Rhianna. During this time she started painting again and felt a need to pursue the path of being an Artist. After leaving a job she adored, things didn't fall into place as easily as she dreamed. During what she would describe as a long journey of trials and challenges, Maeve spent years developing her skills as an Artist. During this time she turned to books on 'the power of thought' and guided positive meditations. Being naturally influenced by the spiritual, self improvement movement, she started to add positive words on to her paintings.  

Maeve Stylist Live

She takes visual inspiration from film and stage posters, fashion magazines and book covers. Her mediums include a mixture of oils, acrylics, spray paint and glitter. 

Maeve often paints women and examines themes of female empowerment. "I've always been drawn to vintage clothes and the glamour that surrounds the 50s and 60s. I'm also very interested in how women have been portrayed, seen and viewed historically. Being aware that this has often been through the male gaze, I like to reclaim old fashioned images and relay a more positive comment that reflects the empowered voices of young women today."

Through a journey of developing a variety of skills, she has been able to combine her two loves of Art and Fashion and design garments that are unique.